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Black bridesmaid gowns with nice personality style

Every girl's wardrobe, needs a universal black dress; From the parties, ceremonies, to the party, can put on beautiful noble black dress bright appearance. Black dress fashionable, elegant and unique temperament, also become the focus of common in the wedding party in recent years.

Sexy Long Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses London Online 2016

 Wedding banquet for Europe and the United States the bride, like a celebration party with relatives and friends. After the wedding ceremony, change their favorite black bridesmaid dress for dinner, is many brides recognized the most and the choice of be fond of his personality. Black dress high momentum also let it become the theme of the many new people for their wedding photos.

Cheap Strapless Sexy Black Bridesmaid Dresses London Discount

 Make the perfect black bridesmaid dress the bride modelling and dress design, bring you combine temperament and imposing manner of fashion inspiration. Black bodice, injected with modern technology sexy lace and embroidery, only as a foil to the original drab clothing ornament into outer wear bright eye item of the type that wipe a bosom.

Affordable Black Bridesmaid Dresses With Short Sleeves By Joanne

With a long black bridesmaid dress, like a night elf dance crashed into the world on the stage, without too much decoration, there are no complicated design, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with the attitude of contracted and not simple.

Long Black Bridesmaid Dresses Discount Online Sale For Cheap

 The gauze is also an important element in this season, has the fleeciness feeling and hang down feeling gauze, has the very strong plasticity, layered modelling with princess style, and gleaming perspective effect to the ranks of the people at the party you have a strong presence.

2016 Cheap One Shoulder Black Bridesmaid Dresses In Fashion Style

In terms of accessories, not emphasize perfect proportion of high-heeled shoes, have a plenty of simple black single shoes, the low-key costly is in the simple sense, more let you with elegant ancient model. Have grown tired of the heavy jewelry decoration, a simple black bodice and skirt collocation with earrings, look at the dance is a kind of natural beauty.


New Formal dress australia’s collection

Formaldressaustralia unveils its new collection - formal dresses 2016 in November. All the products are available to customers. Before purchasing the dresses, customers can get coupons, gifts or other things.

Long before the approaching of the year 2016, Formaldressaustralia has prepared the best formal dresses - Formal Dresses 2016 for all beautiful and fashionable ladies. Different from the plain 2015 style, all the dresses in this collection are strongly colored. They are red, dark gray and black. It makes all the dresses elegant or sexy instead of cute and pure.

Designers greatly use floral appliques especially black appliques when creating these dresses. Black lace appliques cover the bust and connect with the font splits naturally at the left side. Black and white beads entwined the shoulder and the waist like vines. Black lace appliques with sequins blossom at one shoulder and at back, making the dress asymmetric in look. Also, these black flowers form the open back style.

To give these apparels an elegant looking, designers choose satin as the main fabric. Satin has a glossy and smooth face. Its great advantage will show up at the dinners, parties or other important events. When lights on, these satin dress shine, just like diamonds. Besides the amazing look, satin also gives the wearer a soft touch. Even the dull back of the satin feels comfortable, let alone the face. With dresses made of such soft fabrics, the wearer may feel good all day long or all night long. To satisfy all the people, designers also combine some other fabrics such as chiffon, tulle and taffeta. The tulle is used in layers at the bottom part of prom dress to add bulk. Chiffon is lightweight and flies when the wearer walks or dances. Taffeta holds its shape easily because of its stiffness.

Most of this collection is long formal dresses. Long dresses are more formal than short dresses in some special occasions. Even if the dress is short inside, it has a long covering made of some light fabrics. For example, the inside of the dress #Formal02017420 is made mini length, and out part is floor length. The side is made of satin while the outside chiffon.

Formaldressaustralia said this collection is the greatest one that it has produced. So check the formal dresses 2016 to find out how true it is.

Bridesmaid dresses for twelve constellation part 2

Cancer: cancer bride is kind of a delicate feeling full of sentimental people, they prefer classical temperament of bridesmaid dresses. Agree with classic style, the old value, nostalgia is one of the features of them. Therefore, choose to have the marriage gauze of nostalgic feeling is their favorite, long veil, the classical element such as embroidery lace can let their mood.


green/yellow/grey/purple of  best bridesmaid dresses discount 2016

Leo: Leo bride in a simple warm and cheerful, strong personality, stamina and vitality. On the choice of bridesmaid dresses, and many times they were concerned about taste does not care about the price, is a famous brand advocates.


cheap bridesmaid dresses online in short style by Dressforau

Virgo: virgo the bride is a perfectionist, meticulous work, the most things they prefer also have strong cognitive. They wouldn't be fashion, trend, and big, even it must have been "too", "popular", "too complicated" style are they knocked out reason, their preference and elegant style, the depositary their noble elegant temperament.


discount short pink bridesmaid gowns australia affordable

Libra: libra in the face of this "only once in a lifetime" choice, will revolve difficult to decide. Violet color is the lucky color of libra bride, might as well let purple to bring themselves good luck, shimmering diamond jewelry on collocation, very elegant and moving.

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Right colors of bridesmaid dresses is suitable

rinciple of the maid of honor is too important to choose the dress is not rob the bride separately, with the bride's dress phase contrast and consistent with the theme of the wedding. To resolve the above during the wedding ceremony is not suitable for the color of the bridesmaid dresses, three color taboo, bridesmaids can be got that good? After reading the above content, may have a lot of girls confused, that want to wear what color of dress is the most appropriate? Below we come right away a detailed understanding.

 V-Neck Ruffle Floor-Length Bridesmaid Gown Black

V-Neck Ruffle Floor-Length Of Grey Black Bridesmaid Dresses

The maid of honor the most suitable - grey

Gray appears very inside collect, very low-key, but definitely not pessimistic disappointment, grey but a potentially explosive power more than black color. Gray bridesmaid dresses usually gives a person sedate and easy feeling, although the colour is a bit conservative, but as long as on the design of the dress a little to spend some of idea, fashion sense will instantly improve the dress. If the bridesmaids choose grey dress, will be a right choice very much.

Princess Strapless Knee-Length Bridesmaid Gown

Princess Strapless Knee-Length Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Australia 2016

The maid of honor the most suitable - pink

The hero in the wedding dress usually choose a bit and a series of bright red color, so the bridesmaid dress can only choose the color of quietly elegant. Wedding is the witness of love, is also the chance encounter of the peach blossom, as a second wedding, choice of pink dress is better. The simple but elegant and sexy, pink gives a person sedate, gentle feeling.

Summer Organza Sheath Crystal Ruched Short/Mini Prom Dress

Summer Organza Sheath Crystal Ruched Short Mini Bridesmaid Dresses

The maid of honor when's the best colors - blue

Blue dress and bridesmaids most often choose a color, blue represents calm, also can highlight women unique temperament, blue is a very universal collocation of color. If the dress is the design of the silk, would seem to be very elegant, very beautiful. In such a dress up appear in the wedding, want to let a person will be removed from your body also is very difficult, of course the most important principle is not upstage the bride.

Floor-length Dark Green Chiffon Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress

Floor-length Dark Green Chiffon Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress

The maid of honor when's the best colors - green

If is to choose in early spring season wedding, green dress will be the bridesmaids. But want to remind you is the color of green is not an easy match, instead it is a very critical color, it is generally difficult to manage. Thus to should be cautious in choosing, can also be bold attempt, is likely to bring you an unexpected surprise.

Column Chiffon Dark Purple Pretty Bridesmaid Dress

Column Chiffon Dark Purple Pretty Bridesmaid Dress By Dressforau

The maid of honor when's the best colors - purple

Purple represents the noble and elegant, is also a full of mysterious color. In various conditions permitting, bridesmaids can choose purple dress, do an elegant and mysterious maid of honor, and to experience some purple unique charm.

V-Neck Ruffle A-Line Knee-Length Satin Bridesmaid Gown

V-Neck Ruffle A-Line Knee-Length Satin Bridesmaid Gown

In contemporary wedding, Chinese wedding and western-style wedding is little not the existence of the maid of honor, and the maid of honor as the second leading lady in the wedding, also is to be reckoned with in the dress and dress up. On the choice of a bridesmaid dress, the color is very important. We help you to understand the above bridesmaid can't wear what color and what color of the dress is the most appropriate, everyone has experience?

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Whitney Port's super stylish wedding gown

Whitney Port married her producer fiancé Tim Rosenman two weeks ago, but the first photos on social media are only just surfacing. The bride and groom opted for a "modern take on a traditional wedding", which was perfectly reflected in Whitney's super stylish gown.

The former star of The Hills chose to flaunt her endless legs in a dress that featured a waterfall hemline. The gown, which Whitney helped design with Ashi Studio, was modelled after an Italian chandelier, Us Weekly reports, and fell mid-knee.

It was finished with silver embroidery and off-white pearls, and a breathtaking one-metre long train.

"She looked amazing and her dress was so spectacular," said Whitney Port's fiancé Tim Rosenman

Whitney and Tim, who said "I do" on Saturday 7 November in Palm Springs, California, actually saw each other before the ceremony. The lovebirds took part in a pre-wedding photoshoot where Tim was able to savour a moment with his future wife.

"It was awesome," the groom told Us Weekly. "She looked amazing and her dress was so spectacular. There was so much build-up to what her dress was going to look like because we kept it secret. I didn't think it could possibly match the build-up, but I was blown away. She looked fantastic."

"I was blown away," the groom added

Sadly the former star of The Hills lost her father to kidney cancer in 2013, just a few months before getting engaged to Tim.

"I thought I was going to be hysterical because when you dream of this day, that's the moment when your father is walking you down," said Whitney. "Leading up to the wedding, that's what I was most scared of and how I was going to feel and if I was going to be able to hold it together.

"Honestly, I think I was just so surrounded by love and I saw so many smiling, loving faces and then Tim at the end – that trumped all of the sadness, which was awesome."

"I felt like I was floating and it didn't feel like anybody else was there," said Whitney

During the outdoor ceremony attended by 200 guests, the couple said personal vows they had written themselves. Whitney promised to kiss her husband good night and good morning at the start and end of each day.

Tim, meanwhile, said: "I love you Whit. I really do. You are my family. You are my entire life, and I promise to spend the rest of mine making sure you know that you have nothing to ever worry about again. We have each other to face all the battles life throws our way and share in all the great things to come."

In her vows, Whitney promised to kiss her husband good night and good morning every day

Saying the vows was, by far, Whitney's favourite part of the day. "I just felt like I was floating and it didn't feel like anybody else was there," she said.

If you want to know more informations about the wedding dresses of 2016 release news, you can visit here:

Israeli bridal designer turning heads off the world

Bridal fashionista Berta Balilti is making waves well beyond Israel, where her fashion house is based.

The owner of Berta Bridal presides over an internationally successful business, creating luxurious and glamorous wedding gowns sold worldwide.


Berta Balilti
From her fashion house in the southern Israeli port city of Ashdod, she exports gorgeously detailed gowns to boutiques and stores in more than 20 countries. You can feel the love on the company’s social media sites from more than 1.2 million followers — most of them (875,000) on Instagram — who routinely gush over brides from around the globe pictured in her dresses.


This isn’t your mother’s wedding dress. Balilti is known for her shapely modern designs with signature daring bare backs, dramatic trains and intricate lace and tulle.

She has certainly found her place in the multibillion-dollar wedding industry (estimated at more than $60 billion a year in the U.S. alone). Her gowns are sold at more than 60 retailers around the world, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Bridal Galleria in San Francisco. And with the worldwide appeal of her designs, Balilti’s spot as a high-end wedding gown designer has helped place her high up in bridal haute couture fashion.

“There’s nothing like Berta’s dresses,” said Renata Kukielka, the buyer for L’Fay Bridal in New York City.  “She has brought something unique to this market, classic and sexy designs.”


Berta Bridal designs feature daring bare backs, dramatic trains and intricate lace and tulle.  photo/jns-berta bridal
Berta Bridal designs feature daring bare backs, dramatic trains and intricate lace and tulle. photo/jns-berta bridal
Balilti’s success may have seemed unimaginable a generation ago. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she immigrated to Israel at age 3 with her parents just before the 1967 Six-Day War, which had devastating consequences for Egyptian Jews. Years earlier, some of her family moved to Paris with the help of the Jewish organization HIAS before coming to America.


Balilti’s large Jewish family lived in Egypt for many generations, when Jews weren’t accepted as citizens and were considered a people without a country. Her maternal grandfather, Mordachai Elgazzar, owned a jewelry store in Cairo, but life wasn’t easy for Jews. Her family experienced anti-Semitism, bombings, threats and devastating repercussions from the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. With the fall of King Farouk in 1952, Jewish families lost nearly everything. In 1956 the country declared all Jews enemies of the state,

ordering thousands to leave. Each person was permitted to take only one suitcase and a sum equivalent to $25, as the government confiscated Jews’ property. When the 1967 war broke out, Egyptian Jewish men were rounded up and sent to prison camps.

After Balilti’s family settled in Israel, her father, suffering from an injury while working on a boat, could no longer work. Every hardship and triumph her parents experienced later played a role in their daughter’s success.

Growing up in the Holy Land offered Balilti a far different childhood than that of her parents. She found her flair for fashion and graduated from Ramat Gan’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She then worked during the day as a seamstress, and later as a junior designer at a ready-to-wear company in Tel Aviv. At night, she sketched and sewed wedding gowns at home.


Berta Bridal gowns are known for being shapely and modern.  photos/courtesy berta bridal
Berta Bridal gowns are known for being shapely and modern. photos/courtesy berta bridal
In 1995, she opened her first bridal salon, La Belle, a small shop where she was the sole designer and had a staff of about 25 people working for her. From the beginning, her business has been closely held, with family members helping out. Her daughter is one of her models.


In 2004, Balilti expanded, moving her operation into a larger space, turning her boutique into a full-fledged fashion house, and taking on the name Berta Bridal. “We had reached a point in which I felt like the place became too small for my needs, in terms of production and the level of service I expect my team to grant my brides,” she said.

By 2005, the company had 15 retailers; by 2006 it had 30. In 2012, when her son-in-law Nir Moscovich joined the team, he took the company international, overseeing its global operations.

Along Baliti’s journey to success were encouraging parents who inspired her to never quit pursuing her goals. Their example of persevering even in the toughest circumstances set a lasting foundation for her to build upon.

“My parents raised me to believe I can be anything I want, so I just went ahead and chased my dream,” she said. “I didn’t let go until I found my way. My family’s history [in Egypt] wasn’t very positive at the end. But I grew up in a family that always cherished the positive things they had there. I am obviously a proud Israeli, and do not take anything we have here for granted.”

When her first major retailer, L’Fay Bridal, placed its initial order, Balilti was on the road to industry respect. Things took off when her dresses were featured in top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle, and the bridal magazines Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides, as well as on popular blogs.

Though she has made her dream come true, Balilti isn’t complacent. “I still chase my dreams,” she said. “I’m grateful for all I have achieved so far, but there’s much more ahead, and I have no plans of taking a break.”

Orange one shoulder formal prom dresses

Neck hung orange formal dresses look modelling design is very novel, in the light of the taffeta fabric woven, so in terms of fabric layers show with ease, not like other fabrics to be stiff, because taffeta fabric is very thin and very shiny, can draw the outline of the patterns of a lot of chic.

A-Line Chiffon One-Shoulder Semi Formal Dresses

A-Line Chiffon One-Shoulder Semi Formal Prom Dresses

Which hang neck style formal dress upper body, a bit like the design of the deep V neckline, will set off a matron of honour is both elegant and sexy atmosphere of fashion, at the same time under the chest high waist design, belt is wide, will be the maid of honor of slender waist.

New Arrival One-shoulder Column Floor-length Chiffon Orange Graduation Dress

New Arrival Formal Dress Stores Online Fashion For Ladies

Body skirt special fashion beautiful modelling, the use of double layer design, outer leg side will be the fabric under the skirt up a lot, form the fold puffy design, let a person look particularly noble fashion, short skirt design at the same time.

Flower Crystal Empire One-Shoulder Formal Dresses Canberra

By >>> UK Occasion Dresses Supplier And DesigneER

And the bridesmaid slender leg ministry line it will take in everything in a glance, the formal dresses is very sweet and charming is spruce, like a small formal attire skirt on the maid of honor, revealed the bridesmaid fashion is luxuriant and pure elegant temperament connotation, is very perfect.