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Best partner for bride in wedding

Wedding in addition to the bride and groom is leading role, should never be ignored the "supporting" bridesmaid and best man, the wedding bridesmaid and best man pick the dress is to pay attention to the principle of, can't let them dress is too bright, also can't "beyond" the bride and groom is dressed up, in conclusion, roughly is showily and not make public, happy and full of kindness, this is the dress bridesmaid and best man wore basic principles.


A-Line Princess V-Neck Tea-Length Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress
Style: low-key elegant

Showily and not make public, decent, happy with the design of kindness, overall bridesmaid dresses and the bride's wedding dress in style, harmony, this is the basic principle of bridesmaid dresses in. Charming is spruce strapless dress is exquisite and mellow, of the type that wipe a bosom a ribbon around his waist, or three layer under the ribbon drape skirt is popular this maid of honor dress up. If during the winter months in May wish to pick a long gown, solemn atmosphere; If in the spring and summer, still can choose low digging chest dress, skirt lined with pink satin, the outside on several thin layers of yarn. The foggy gauze also can be applied to sky blue long tail or short dress, have seemingly quite pure crystal, smooth add a few minutes lively and innocent at the same time.


Sheath Column Strapless Satin Bridesmaid Gown By

Color: pink gold wind

Pure belong to the bride, the conventional color is pink for the maid of honor this partner. But this year we can abandon the common pink formal suit, powder blue, green, champagne gold colour is not only suitable for the identity of the maid of honor, can reflect young women and perfect skin. If there are multiple bridesmaids, can also wear the same color but different style dress, all the bridesmaid dresses don't have to be strict, this will make everyone look very beautiful and not constrained.


Off The Shoulder Chiffon Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress Australia

Fabric: light rose

In addition to the color, fabric and clipping detail is the key of the modelling, the elegant richly velvet cloth, elegant and gorgeous chiffon, romantic classic lace, or sending out luster, compose feels dye-in-the-wood satin material, elegant and fit clipping, can foil a bridesmaid and graceful lightsome, charismatic, confident. And silks and satins always is the first selection woolen fabric that makes the, the simple sense of smooth silk can sparkle below banquet lamplight shine, there is costly feeling quite on the vision. Besides silk beauty properly, full of bright lustre besides the ray and not make public, not upstage cover, as well as reveal the beauty of the image of the bridesmaid makeup is not suitable for heavy, and the collocation of jewelry don't show off, too bling.